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Tree Shadows on Wall
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About Us

At Simana Exotics we remain a quality breeder that is focusing on the Savannah breed standards.  We have selected only top-quality cats to enter into our breeding program. We take pride in producing high quality kittens with beautiful, bold markings that strongly resemble their African Serval ancestor. Our Savannahs are bred to the TICA breed standard.
We have fallen in  love with this breed and want to give other’s the same opportunity to have a savannah cat as part of their family.  Our kittens come with a health guarantee, TICA registration papers and a loving personality!
The Savannah is an amazing cat that will capture your heart and your wild side. 
We are a TICA registered cattery.


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The Savannah is an active, confident, very social cat who enjoys interacting with people and other cats. They are intelligent and curious, always looking for something interesting to do, the more adventurous the better. 

He bonds strongly to his family and makes every effort to be with them, including learning to walk on leash or retrieve toys. When he’s not displaying his affection by sitting in your lap or rubbing up against you, he might be seeking out water to play in. Your new baby is most happy, outgoing cat who does best with a person who will enjoy playing and interacting with him. Our kittens are raised with children, other cats and dogs. The do well when raised with them, he can get along well with kids, other cats and family dogs.

The Savannah is an awesome cat that is full of personality and most tend to be real social bugs. A Savannah is highly intelligent, curious and active that can leap almost to the ceiling if given the opportunity. 

 He demands a lot of interaction and will find ways to make you give it to him if you aren’t on the ball enough to provide it without asking. They are known for learning how to open doors, cabinets even turning off alarms! 

The savannah can be a mischievous one, especially if it’s at your expense. They are seriously high jumpers-higher than you might have thought a cat could go—then taking things down with him right onto you. It’s hard to imagine a cat willingly taking a dip in the water, but Savannahs don’t fear it, and they actually enjoy swimming. Some Savannahs will bat at the water as you are brushing your teeth or even join their owners in the shower. 

Some like to play hide and go seek. Rounding the corner to find him he will jump out to say, "got cha!"


At bedtime, the Savannah will of course share your bed with you finding himself comfortable in all the wrong places. lol They love being close to their owners and sometimes they even bring favorite toys to bed with them.


Once having a savannah cat in your family, you will never go back to a regular house cat ever again!!

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